“Nationalist Not Racist”

Friendly reminder that the people who say they’re “nationalist, not racist” are the same ones who tell US-born American citizens “go back to Mexico,” “go back to Africa,” “go back to China.”

They know damn well that when they say “foreign” they mean “non-white,” and you should know too.

Kim says: Oh no. That is not true. You’ve never lump-summed everyone together before. You have always focused on specific people or groups directly. I know black “nationalists” and hispanic “nationalists”

Romie: I’m addressing a specific rebranding of white power groups who are calling themselves “nationalist not racist.” They actively advocate for racially discriminatory laws in the US and Britain, with a fig leaf that it’s about national origin rather than skin color. For instance, Trump’s not banning Muslims, but people from a list of countries which happen to be majority Muslim, in an executive order widely believed to have been written by Steve Bannon, one of the “nationalist not racist” guys, and there’s been a lot of propaganda recently out of some British hate groups about “keep Britain for the British” which sounds nationalist until you look more closely at how they’re definining “British,” which is not about how many generations your family has been in the country but whether you could pass a genetic screening.

I have absolutely seen people get sucked in by this who would not be fooled by someone with a sign that said “whites only.” That’s why they’re doing it.

Emily: Surely Kim cannot be ignorant of the co-opting of the term by white supremacist groups? The National Front Parties in Europe, the British National Party…that’s not ‘hateful rhetoric’, that’s several decades of demonstrated history of the term being used by neo-Nazis?

Romie: A possibly important clarification here is that Texas is weird and there are tons and tons of seperatist groups in Texas with a bunch of wildly variant agendas and attitudes. Like, it’s fairly common to know somebody who has declared their house a soverign nation and therefore refuses to pay taxes. Also the history curriculum in Texas public schools is such that it’s easily possible to avoid hearing about anything that happened in the 20th century. I wouldn’t say this stuff if I thought everybody already knew it.

Stephanie says: This is exactly what we saw in NYC after the election. Several of my non-white American friends were told “go back to China” “go back where you came from” or, one particularly off-brand example, a Puerto rican friend was called a rag head and told to go back to Pakistan. My Italian and English – aka actual immigrant – friends saw no difference in the way they were treated. Because they are white.