Culture War

Occasionally, right wing agitprop still drifts across my dash – one new story every couple of days, reproduced across multiple cash-in blogs which must still be making money. I’m talking about “b-b-but imperfect liberals!” pseudo-scandals: the “discovery” of a widely-disclosed 30-year-old criminal record; out-of-context Madonna; an off-color joke made by a D-lister.

And I wonder, when there’s so much real news coming in so fast, who still has time for that. The actual people in power – the Trump administration and the Republican majorities in both houses of congress and most state legislatures – have threatened to, at any moment, make it impossible for you to afford your medicine; deport your friends or colleagues; start a war (either hot or trade); shut down a bunch of government agencies that have functions you like; and literally give away our (revenue-generating!) public lands. That’s the short list. There is more being threatened – by people who can carry out their threats – than it is possible for a single person to keep track of in a 24-hour news cycle.

Look, I know it would be comforting if we could drift back into the soothing burble of a culture war, but we’re beyond that now. You need to be obsessively scrutinizing the people with ACTUAL power, the ones who could REALLY come for your [fill in the blank].

I guess the exception is if reading a “this liberal non-politician is holier than thou but SNAPS HER GUM” exposé recharges your energy so you are better able to fight the power (i.e. not liberals, who are not in power), in which case, read on?