You want to say an election you won was illegitimate? Cool, I’m in. I demand a re-vote. Now.

Here’s what the Secretary of State of Massachusetts has to say. He is 100% on board for a nationwide revote.

New Hampshire’s attorney general says Trump’s accusation is totally bogus “unless you consider a gentleman from Massachusetts being an illegal immigrant. In the previous election cycle, we learned of a Massachusetts man who thought it would be more interesting to vote in New Hampshire. We investigated and prosecuted that individual, but that’s the closest thing I can tell you of an illegal immigrant voting in our state.”

What do your state’s secretary of state and attorney general say? Do they agree they totally fucked up their jobs and registered millions of illegal voters? Or are they ready to defend themselves and call the bluff of a serial liar?

Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos says “We have multiple layers of safeguards in place to prevent illegal voting and remain constantly vigilant to guarantee that the voices of Texans at the ballot box are not muted by those who attempt to engage in abuse or fraud within our election system,” and AG Paxton says he’s only been involved in two voter fraud cases (both from a previous election). Looks like the fraud claims came from tweets by Gregg Phillips, a former Health and Human Services Commission executive, who knows all about votes because ?

Gregg Phillips runs a healthcare analytics firm in Austin, and it looks like he’s lunatic zero on this whole thing. Tweeted some nonsense which was picked up by Alex JonesInfowars which got it in front of Trump people.

To his credit: “When did a tweet become news?” Phillips told the American-Statesman. “I’m just like a guy. I’m an ordinary guy. There are billions of tweets every single day and because somebody picked it up, made something of something I wrote, all of a sudden the president-elect is talking about me? Seriously, is a tweet really news? Isn’t everything on Twitter fake?”