Pipeline Made of Words

One of the executive orders President Trump signed yesterday re-authorized the Keystone XL pipeline. Which that company (TransCanada) is no longer sure it could build, since the stakeholders have moved on to other projects. In fact, TransCanada are in the midst of suing the US for $15 billion for having blocked the pipeline, and this executive order could be interpreted as us agreeing we need to pay them 15 billion dollars.

However, being a Canadian company, they’re suing us under NAFTA, which Trump has said he’s going to renegotiate.

However, the president of Mexico, one of the NAFTA treaty countries, is rethinking whether he wants to talk about negotiating any of this, or anything at all, since Trump’s building a wall (at an estimated minimum cost of $20 billion).

What’s going to happen? I don’t know. But I do know, from lots of experience, that writing something down doesn’t automatically cause it to occur, even after it’s published nationally. Otherwise I would have a genie buddy, an android research assistant, and a haunted card deck.