Permit By Permit

In Mr. Trump’s opinion, he’s perfectly free to continue to profit mightily from businesses he now regulates. In my considered legal estimation, only if we permit him. As in: planning permits, construction permits. Our body politic has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Trump Hotels is probably eyeing Dallas, Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco for its next expansion, maybe under the brand name “Scion.” If they, or any Trump business, start nosing around your town, head to your local planning office and raise hell. America isn’t ANYONE’s private piggy bank, least of all a President’s.

Trump Hotels, Amid Calls to Divest, Instead Plans U.S. Expansion,” Bloomberg

I’m writing from Pescara, Italy, where a large mass of snowflakes which had been to the mountaintop just took out a hotel. If I were the Trumps, I’d take that as an omen.