United We Stand

Don’t be fooled by the narrative that tells you the women’s marches were whiny white rich bitches. The organizers were primarily women of color. Crowd shots of the rallies will show you a mix of men and women of all races. A look at the speaker lineup at the rally is chock full of names like Maxine Waters (congressional black caucus), Linda Sarsour (Arab-American Association of New York), Tamika Mallory (prominent civil rights activist) and Carmen Perez (Gathering for Justice Group).

I don’t know why the clips getting passed around are Ashley Judd and Madonna and Scarlett Johanson (I do know), and not, for instance, the (black, female) mayor of Washington, DC, whose outrage was more persuasive than any of theirs. It’s not an accurate representation of who was on stage, or in the crowds. The crowds were colorful. The crowds were gay. The crowds were differently abled. The crowds included people who hitchhiked in, and slept on floors.

United we stand. Divided we fall. Thieves want us fighting among ourselves and will lie about the alliances that exist, to try to make white women scared of black people and non-white people disbelieve that anyone can hear them. It’s a way to control us, and it’s false. We are in this together. We showed it. We’ll show it again.