Clapper’s Clappers

It appears that Pres. Trump may have brought his own cheering section to his CIA speech, much as he did at the January 11 Trump Tower press conference. And I appreciate the gesture, which I’m sure wasn’t an attempt to fool television audiences, but a profound respect for the intelligence of the American people. He trusted us to understand the claquers (theatre term for paid or institutional applauders) as both a demonstration of goodwill toward the European NATO countries (who originated the theatrical practice) and a witty thank-you to outgoing National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who so recently defended the CIA against President-Elect Trump’s attempts to discredit them.

Bravo to him. It was a marvelous, peacemaking attempt to lighten the gloomy mood. However, I am disappointed in our new Commander in Chief for not including a mariachi band. I know he is on the outs with Mexican Americans, and hasn’t appointed even one Hispanic to a cabinet-level position, but he is the PRESIDENT. He deserves to be followed at all times by a mariachi band.

As do we all.