Wapiti, Wyoming

I probably focused on a different thing in the Betsy DeVos hearing than most people, and that thing was the words “in Wapiti, Wyoming.” Wapiti!

I have discovered:

(1) It’s not spelled Woppity (am slightly disappointed)

(2) it’s an alternate name for Elk (from the Cree)

(3) It’s in not one but two Ogden Nash poems. Here is the first one, titled “The Wapiti”:

There goes the Wapiti

And here is the second one, titled “The Hobby Horse,” obviously a callback:

I'll tell you the kind of horse I've got
He'd rather gallop than trot, trot, trot
He can jump like a wallaby, run like a wapiti
He's my very own clippety-cloppety property.
He's herbivorous, so I call him Herbie
And if he were alive, he'd win the derby.

Best American poet of all time. I’m calling it.

It is possible Ogden Nash wrote yet more poems about wapiti (it is likely he could not resist writing futher poems about wapiti) but these are the two I could find.