I’m pretty sure the dudes who say women aren’t funny are the same dudes who completely fail to notice when I’m joking. (I’m not making a joke there, even though it sounds like one rhythmically. If you’re not laughing, phew, you made the right call.) The number of times dudes have thought I was funny by ACCIDENT is amazing. (See, they’re the ones making the joke, by repeating the thing I just said, which is funny now that they’ve pointed it out! A woman would never come up with something like that.) My favorite is when they’re sure I’ve not only been funny by accident, but that I’ve been funny by accident because I fundamentally misunderstood the subject matter I was talking about.

I guess it’s an easy mistake to make if you believe all women are beautiful objects passing blithely through the world, like paper lanterns floating on a gentle stream, who inadvertently sometimes catch things on fire.

Incidentally, #notallmen, the smart ones know I’m funny.