Trump isn’t much like Obama

A few well-meaning Republicans have reached out to me, either one-to-one personally or on television, to say “hey, I know how you’re feeling because we were scared about Obama.” It’s a kind thing to do and I appreciate it.

However, I’d draw your eyes to a better comparison: how you felt about Obama is how we felt about second-term George W. Bush. Worried about economic collapse and financial regulations that didn’t work. Concerned about the national debt. Confused and angry and frightened about military interventions that were and weren’t happening. Afraid we were going to lose our civil rights. Worried that America was losing its moral standing in the world and wasn’t the country we recognized anymore. Unsure that the schools were going to teach our values to our kids.

I could drill down on some differences in the details, but in broad strokes it’s pretty similar fear. I wrote some poems about it at the time. Despite our worries, most of us could acknowlege that Bush was a good family man who meant well, and we loved his wife (similar again), although there were some fringe folks who subscribed to a crazy conspiracy theory (Obama: secret muslim birtherism, wants to destroy America literally. Bush: personally planned 9/11, wants to destroy America literally.)

So really, the thing to do is to compare Trump to Bush. Do they strike you as anything similar? Me, no.