Vice President Rockefeller’s financial conflicts of interest

Tiny fact check: Americans didn’t “not care” about VP Rockefeller‘s business ties. He was appointed, not elected, as the VP of the also not-elected Gerald Ford. Ford was appointed by Nixon after Agnew resigned, then took office when Nixon resigned, then appointed Rockefeller as his Veep. As Veep, Rockefeller played a purely ceremonial role.

When Rockefeller did try to win nationwide elections, he lost. He ran for president unsuccessfuly in 1960, 1964, and 1968. Perhaps for this reason, when Ford ran (unsucessfully) to be elected to a second term, he chose the running mate Bob Dole, not Rockefeller.

Rockefeller’s only elected office was as Governor of New York, and he mostly liquidated his business interests (he was super rich but not especially concerned with making more money because he had more money than you can even imagine). When appointed to the vice presidency, he offered to put whatever personal assets remained in a blind trust but was told he was clean enough. Nevertheless, confirmation hearings dragged out for several months (August through December), largely because of questions about his family’s money.

If you’re curious why, of all the lies in Trump’s first press conference (about debts, russian businesses, what various newspapers wrote, etc), I picked THIS one, it’s because he knows full well that what he’s doing with his finances is indefensible, so he’s trying to convince us it’s normal and something we’ve already agreed to. It’s not.