DNC docu-dump

Context matters. (I’m still bitter about the Dean Scream.)

For example, as part of the campaign, Russian hackers obtained emails from the DNC that were then sliced into small bits and put out on the internet through participants in the propaganda effort. In many of these instances, the real documents were misrepresented. For example, WikiLeaks released a number of May 2016 emails on the eve of the Democratic convention that made it appear as if the DNC was solely pulling for Clinton; in many online postings, the date was removed so readers would have no idea unless they searched for the original document that was written at a time when Sanders could not possibly have won the nomination.

– “Trump, Putin and the Hidden History of How Russia Interfered in the U.S. Presidential Election,” by Kurt Eichenwald in Newsweek

If you’ve ever wondered why, as somebody who voted for Bernie in the primaries, I’m not especially upset with the DNC, it’s this. I can accept when my side loses fair and square. Less so when it’s the other thing.

Incidentally, it’s not just 17 U.S. intelligence agencies. It’s pretty much all the NATO countries.

Also, as het up as I am about Russia, I really hope the press conference today is still about business conflicts of interest. That stuff is IMPORTANT.

P.S. I just heard a newscaster misspeak and say “Tex Tillerson” and I can’t say whether I prefer that or “Rex Tillerson.” I wish I had an x in my name, but Romex sounds too pharmaceutical.


Faienzax? Faeiouyenzax?

Suzanne: Xomie? Of course, there’s always Roxie, but that’s been done.

Nic: From now on you shall be Rojax Faienzax

Trick: I envision your evil nemesis: Ronnix Sxott.