Meryl Streep reminds us of that time Trump mockingly imitated a disabled reporter’s medical condition

Seems like the president-elect could save himself a lot of time by using his brilliang hacking skills to make a bot that will autopost “who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?” every few hours.

She didn’t have to say your name, sir, because we all remember it happening. We saw it on video. I can watch it any time I like.

I also remember, which I guess you don’t, the saga of Rachel Roy and Becky with the Good Hair. This is not the way you take control of a narrative.

A bot for improved government communications efficiency! A bot plus no press conferences – you could get rid of Sean Spicer entirely. Think about the savings.

brilliang was originally a typo but I like it so it stays

brilliang is when you are so brilliant it looks stupid to everyone else, like when you run smack into a door because you can’t stop seeing through the atomic structure of so-called “impermeable solids”