Day: January 8, 2017

Sherlock of the Library

Turns out my best self already exists, and it’s not me. It’s scholar Heather Wolfe, research hero.

How ‘Sherlock of the library’ cracked the case of Shakespeare’s identity” by Robert McCrum, The Guardian

The Rose Parade

If you missed the Rose Parade (or want to watch it again, newly flush with the knowledge that it’s my and my Dad’s favorite parade), I highly recommend KTLA’s coverage, which is essentially perfect: it shows the entire parade straight through, with great camera coverage, no commercials, and no cutaways to talking heads. Best parade; best possible televisual presentation of a parade. There are real dogs on real surfboards, miniature horses dressed as unicorns, marching bands from Tennessee and Japan, folklorico dancers, a float by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a dove-release dedicated to the Pulse nightclub, and too many gorgeous blooms to count. Get you a dose.

(The stream definitely works from outside of the US. Did for me.)

Trump’s Probably $2 Billion in the Hole

Donald Trump’s businesses owe $1.8bn to more than 150 different institutions, new study suggests” – Ben Kentish, The Independent

Surely, since he’s so rich, he can and will pay off the $1.5 billion out of his own pocket to avoid any perception of conflicts of interest. I’m sure that’s what he plans to announce at the press conference he’s sincerely going to have on January 11, where he tells us how he’s going to disentangle from his businesses.

Contrast with Rex Tillerson, whose divestiture moves are some combination of ethical, sneaky, costly, lucrative, and a good demonstration of how mutual fund investment makes conflicts of interest really complicated. (If you invest in “the market,” anything in the market is potentially a conflict of interest. For reference, Obama parked his money in Treasury bonds. Which were making terrible returns, but somehow I think he’s going to do ok.)