Day: January 1, 2017

Guide for Recognizing White-Nationalist Propaganda

Helpful guide:

Do you think you should be able to move to Europe if you want to, but Arabs shouldn’t be able to move to the United States? Then you’re a racist.

Do believe your welfare payments have been gutted not by congressmen who campaign on lowering taxes, but by practically nonexistent development aid to Africa, even after you’ve been shown the budget numbers? Then you’re a racist.

Do you insist that taxpaying Mexican immigrants are taking advantage of the system, but believe you deserve food stamps, medicaid, and disability benefits, because your ancestors blah blah blah? Then you’re a racist.

It’s pretty simple. You can call it economic nationalism or ethnic pride or “political differences,” but if you blame brown-skinned foreigners when rich white people refuse to help you, you’re a racist.

There’s lots of white nationalist propaganda flying around at the moment that never explicitly says “you’re poor because non-whites are stealing from you, and soon they’ll murder you” but says you’re poor because non-whites are stealing from you, and soon they’ll murder you. It’s made by neo-Nazi groups and if you follow it back to the source, you find explit “protect the White race” language. It’s dangerous stuff. It’s easier to lay out the pattern than name all the specific groups making the propaganda.

Can somebody be a racist and still a basically good person worthy of love? Sure. It’s a description of an orientation, an attraction, not a curse word that dooms somebody forever. It’s important to recognize when it’s happening to you, and who’s trying to take advantage.


Russia’s Economy is Tiny

Russia’s acting all big, and geographically they are, but their GDP is less than Italy’s. Yes, really. The 2016 figures aren’t out yet, but in 2015, Russian GDP was $1.3 trillion. Italy’s was $1.8 trillion.

Leeeeetle bitty country, very dependent on oil prices. Under the brilliant leader Putin, they’ve done worse economically every year for the last three. So when Trump suggests he’ll replicate Russian successes, he’s probably telling the truth. By accident.

Sad aside: The population of Russia is three times Italy’s. Those poor people, in both senses of the word.

Per-capita GDP in Russia topped out at $14,000 in 2013 but is now $9000 (IMF estimate). $9000 per person per year.

In Italy, it’s $36,000.

In the USA, $53,000. We are so incredibly productive in the U.S. I don’t even know how to tell you. It shocks me every time.

Greg says: In other words, Russia needs some TruckNutz.

Romie: Don’t we all